• [NEWS] "Shortcomings" in development (graphic novel adaptation)

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    Randall Park to make feature directorial debut with Shortcomings
    On the heels of making his episodic directorial debut with the 
    Fresh Off the Boat series finale, Randall Park is ready to step
    back behind the camera for his feature debut with an adaptation
    of Adrian Tomine's acclaimed graphic novel Shortcomings for
    Roadside Attractions and Imminent Collision.

    Adapted by Tomine, who is also set to executive produce the
    project, the story follows a trio of young Bay Area urbanites -
    Ben Tanaka, Miko Hayashi, and Alice Kim - as they navigate a
    range of interpersonal relationships, traversing the country in
    search of the ideal connection. In cafes, bars, and bedrooms,
    their stories collide and intertwine with naked candor and
    razor-sharp humor. The groundbreaking graphic novel is
    considered an iconic work of contemporary Asian American
    fiction and stands as a poignant and hilariously irreverent
    examination of racial politics, sexual mores, and pop culture.

    "I am such a huge fan of Adrian's work, and I'm very excited to
    team with him and Roadside Attractions on this updated, modern
    take of Shortcomings," Park said in a statement. "In these
    characters, I see versions of Asian Americans in my own life -
    the ones I love and the ones I just kind of tolerate."

    In addition to directing, Park is set to produce the film via
    his Imminent Collision production label alongside partners
    Hieu Ho and Michael Golamco, Roadside Attractions'
    Co-Presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d'Arbeloff, Senior Vice
    President Jennifer Berman and Creative Executive Ryan Paine,
    who brought the package to the studio.

    "With his adaptation of Shortcomings, Adrian has proven
    himself not only a brilliant cartoonist but also a talented
    screenwriter," Berman said in a statement. "When Randall came
    to us with a true artist's vision for telling this story
    cinematically, everything clicked into place. We are honored
    to work with this stellar creative team to help bring this
    hilariously poignant story to screen."

    Tomine has been developing the project with Roadside, Imminent
    and Park have been developing the project for some time
    together and are gearing up to bring it to potential buyers in
    the coming weeks.

    "Shortcomings is a book that's very close to my heart, and
    I have long resisted the idea of any adaptation that didn't
    feel true to the style and spirit of the material," Tomine
    said in a statement. "Randall, Roadside Attractions and
    Imminent Collision immediately impressed me with their
    passion, insight, and vision for this film. They have been
    invaluable partners in the process of translating Shortcomings 
    both to the screen as well as to the current time, and I'm
    honored to be a part of this collaboration."


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