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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    The Columnist trailer starring Evil's Katja Herbers
    ComingSoon.net is debuting the exclusive trailer for the
    comedy horror The Columnist, starring Katja Herbers
    (Evil, Westworld) as a successful journalist pushed to
    the limit by online trolls who finds a bloody good way
    to rid herself of writer's block. The movie was written
    by Daan Windhorst and directed by Ivo van Aart.
    The Columnist will release in virtual cinemas, on VOD,
    and on Digital on May 7, 2021, from Film Movement. You
    can check out the trailer now in the player below!

    Trailer: (1min 46secs)


    In this darkly funny horror film, Femke Boot (Herbers) is
    a columnist and writer suffering from endless abusive
    posts and death threats on social media. Femke is obsessed
    by these hate-filled messages and spends every moment
    checking her Twitter feed. This obsession consumes her
    life and her work suffers as she fails to write her
    columns and novel. One day, all her pent-up anger and
    frustration explode in a moment of shocking and unexpected

    This brutal and bloody act inspires Femke to write again.
    However, her writer's block returns and with it her
    addiction to social media. Secretly, Femke believes there
    is only one solution to her ever-growing frustration. She
    surrenders to her murderous rage and alternates the
    killing and maiming of her social media tormentors with
    writing her debut novel.

    But how long can she continue this double life? Can she
    hide her nightly murders from her teenage daughter and her
    new boyfriend, horror writer Steven Dood? And is fighting
    hatred with hatred really the best solution?

    The Columnist also stars Genio de Groot, Rein Hofman, Bram
    van der Kelen, Achraf Koutet, and Claire Porro. Sabine
    Brian, Wynand Chocolaad, Ronald Versteeg, and Kaja Wolffers


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