• Vampire in the Vatican (ITA. klinski / Nosferatu II old-ish)

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    Vampire in Venice --
    for all of rather close to shadows of the Vatican.

    Christopher Plumber
    Donald Pleasence
    (Total Italian dubover soundtrack)

    A second Herzog, no less imputed, which turned into an expensive turd
    for several successively fired Italian directors, writers, and Klinski
    showing up with long hair over a change in mind about looking
    dashingly vamp. Settings, however sumptuous, are reflectively
    inhabited by a progression of lunatics. Big blast of money churning
    over horror turns the easy way, soft porn, except Italian style for
    involving a priest in if not around the corner for all the full
    frontal nudity scenes. Cultural obtuseness from Victorian to a German
    of Herzog, whereupon transposed into Italian hammers nails cleanly
    into a coffin: Nosferatu can only be killed by a virgin's love -- how
    someone of a stature conceivably of Mary Magdalene might accomplish
    thing is not however, iconoclastically Italian or apparent enough, to
    be confessed.

    Herzog, when talking about Klinski, called him his 'Magnificent
    Beast', he would more literally than less figuratively whip into a
    vision;- not without an accompaniment of events supportive of an
    irregularly eccentric relationship.

    Quite the final scene, a 60-year-old looking Klinski, a young woman of
    creamy dark-complexion, thick black curly hair and without a stitch of clothing;- Neatly cradled thighs and comfortably her lower back draped
    across Klinski's arms, him walking down a cobbled street while
    carrying her no less and all along, without so much as the hint of a
    stunt to fill;- Peglegged to an easy 125lbs. of catmeat, each
    plodding step plugged oddly, squarely forward over quite some actual
    distance. An astoundingly beastly feat and attestment to his final
    closing scene and enactment.

    Apart the obviousness of an Herzog knowingly beating Klinski's
    growling ass sideways into preparedness, it's hard to conceive there
    is, in related dramatic affiliation, Tom Cruise's wife there nearby
    alongside Herzog, together whom produce a film that stands worthy to
    Laurence of Arabia (and another British subject, adopted by Iran, upon
    changing her residence to Baghdad).

    However oddly are people easily appeased.
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