• Dust in Time (Greek release in 750 BC by iTheodoros Angelopoulos)

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    Greek production. And Russian, and Italian, and German. All with
    attendant crew names to the end credits. IMDB lists more.

    Not much, except for perhaps one, a reviewer, in reference to the
    Thebaid cycle;- among newer reviews as if in need to step up and
    clarify matters.


    <Spoiler Alert Rating: some may want to hide their eyes through a
    condensed brevity to this section.>

    A collection of four lost epics of Greek mythological history of the
    Boeotian city of Thebes [placed] before Trojan War and centered around
    the Theban royal family.

    The ‘Epic Cycle’ was a collection of ancient Greek epics related to
    The Theban cycle and the Titanomachy (8th century BC) should be
    considered in part of the epic cycle as a larger cycle (Baumann,
    n.d.). Nevertheless, except for Homer, none of the periodic epics
    survived into the Photius era, and Photius did not mention canonical collections. Therefore, modern scholars usually do not include the
    Theban cycle when referring to epic cycles.


    Now that aestheticism clearly is an established logos, there's another
    part, actually two, to be syllogistically repeatable within the
    greater whole, meaning a triptych painted on Greek plastic and not
    being likely digitized from such as an handheld.

    Willem Dafoe and Bruno Ganz (the Johnathn of Herzog's Dracula) besides
    lend themselves to an encompassing enormity of bleakness Angelopoulos tragically deals in, which reviewers seem find adequately excusable
    for repeated viewing;- Why not -- as will be found riddled throughout
    all of a dozen, collectively, of his films.

    Which is of course blatantly preposterous: All showmen know a value
    to the silver lining, no matter how high, or low, that may be when
    furtively to glancing aside to consider how in the hell one indeed
    ends up in such predicaments. Adjectives are a total waste on this
    Greek guy -- a visionary within film art to some who enjoy the
    style -- if perhaps not altogether so uniquely means, funding, in his
    case, typically to engage the larger European audience.

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