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    Went looking at Keanu after a second try with My Own Private Idaho,
    which didn't regurgitate;- A sense, among other factors, that
    something else might where there really ought be such certainty.

    How a Beat film became an entry, in turn was as unexpected as remotely inexplicably nothing ever is. To precise that should be spelled out
    in plain figures that add up:

    Budget:$4,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend USA: $12,836, June 1997
    Gross USA: $46,362 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $46,362

    But, simply, this cannot be attributable to myth or superstitions;-
    How can $4M turn into $46K over some Beat hippy-dippy crossover, even
    granted an Australian script writer who apparently knows his stuff
    about Beat writers? Do actors of Keanu's stature work for less than
    $46K, incredulously and fully assuming an intellectual responsibility
    of acting above an actual H.S. drop-out he was (perhaps best not said
    quite so concisely for going on recollection, and whatelse obviously
    else happens, before or after, in the way of career training after
    leaving school).

    Not that it matters, not by any sense Keanu would not have delivered
    to the performance expected of an hippy-dippy Beat;- only that, by in
    large, it's Thomas Jane, someone previously an unknown entity, who's supportively aside while upstaging Keanu, for an actual beer-drinking
    buddy to whom, at one juncture of one Beat to another Beat, addresses
    Keanu: "Are you the Devil?"

    Keanu isn't quite a successional sort for rubbing-in American
    hypocrisy, for "demonizing" (Burrough's term, not mine)
    counterculture, such as among least the vaguely recognizable as
    Cronenberg's take on Naked Lunch. Nor is the prospect of substituting
    a reversal for the two roles especially comforting to conceive by
    solace for quietude.

    In fact, which concerns two people that once existed, is if they were
    any more factual it would be about bedrock, square101 at Smallsville,
    and black-&-white through-and-through. The colours are without doubt
    nice, but since there's not drugs or opacity quite yet given explicit
    meaning, barely at the cusp of the 60's, it's really about two guys:
    One pivotal to Beat writer Jack Kerouac, among other Beats, and one
    "story" being in this case Jack receives (by written missive) from two characters, about him his beer-drinking buddy Keanu Reeves, who also
    wants to screw Cherry Mary, an underage adolescent understandably of
    sixteen, because, among ordeals, relationships and possibilities all withstanding, he is the Devil in The Last Time I Committed Suicide.

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