• [NEWS] "Starlight" in early development (sci-fi, comic book adaptation)

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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Joe Cornish teaming with 20th Century Studios
    for Mark Millar's Starlight
    After nearly seven years of attempting to get a film
    adaptation of Mark Millar's six-issue limited comic
    off the ground, 20th Century Studios is partnering
    back up with Joe Cornish to write and direct the
    feature debut of Starlight, according to Deadline.

    Published in 2014, the comic centered on Duke McQueen,
    a hero who saved the universe in the past and came
    back to Earth to get married, have kids and grow old,
    though with his children having left and his wife
    dead, he's left alone with memories of his adventures
    that no one believes, until his old rocket ship with
    a call form a distant world beckons him back for his
    final and greatest adventure.

    A film adaptation was first announced in 2013 when
    20th Century Fox announced its development and 2014
    saw the studio hire Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star
    Wars Story) to write the script, though after
    languishing in development hell for years and the
    studio subsequently being acquired by Disney, the
    project started from scratch. Brian Dukes is set to
    oversee development on Starlight for 20th Century

    Simon Kinberg (X-Men franchise, The 355) is set to
    produce alongside partner Audrey Chon via his Genre
    Films production label and Nira Park, who previously
    worked with Cornish on the well-received family
    adventure The Kid Who Would Be King at 20th Century

    Millar is best known for creating Wanted, Kick-Ass and
    the Kingsman graphic novels that were later turned into
    film franchises as well as Old Man Logan, which would
    be the main source of inspiration for Hugh Jackman's
    final outing as Wolverine, 2017's Logan, and penning 
    Civil War, which would be adapted into Captain America:
    Civil War for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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