• [NEWS] "The Back Nine" in development (golf comedy)

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    Renee Zellweger to star in golf comedy film The Back Nine
    Coming off from her critically-acclaimed performance in
    2019's biopic drama Judy, two-time Oscar winner Renee
    Zellweger is making her comeback to the comedy genre with
    Landline Pictures' The Back Nine. Zellweger has signed on
    for the leading role in the sports comedy film, with Sex
    and the City director Michael Patrick King attached to
    helm the project. This also marks King's first
    feature-length project in nearly 11 years since directing
    2010's Sex and the City 2.

    "Jhoni and Krista and I are very excited to have the
    amazing Renee Zellweger do our movie The Back Nine," King
    said in a statement (via Deadline). "A stunning actress
    with incredible range, she can make you laugh and cry and
    has a great golf swing. What more could anyone want?"

    The Back Nine centers around Casey Jones, a woman who
    gave up a golf career so that her husband could have one.
    When she wakes up one morning to find her 25-year-old
    marriage in free fall and her son off to college, she
    dusts off the clubs she tossed aside years ago in an
    effort to finally turn pro and redefine the "back nine"
    of her life.

    "Landline is so fortunate to launch with Back Nine 
    anchoring our inaugural slate. It's the perfect film for
    our mandate - star-driven, aspirational, relatable, and
    wildly funny. Michael and Renee are a formidable team and
    are going to make a classic movie for a broad audience,"
    Amy Baer said.

    The film will be directed by Michael Patrick King from a
    screenplay he co-wrote with Jhoni Marchinko and Krista
    Smith. MRC Film-owned Landline Pictures head Amy Baer
    will be producing along with King. It will be executive
    produced by Marchinko, Smith, Zellweger and Carmella
    Casinelli for Big Picture Co.

    Zellweger is no stranger to the comedy genre as she
    previously starred in romcom films such as Reality Bites,
    Jerry Maguire, The Bachelor, Down with Love, and the
    Bridget Jones trilogy as well as comedy pics like Dazed
    and Confused, Me Myself and Irene, Nurse Betty, and
    Chicago. For her acclaimed performances in drama films
    Cold Mountain in 2004 and Judy in 2019, the actress was
    able to nabbed her two Oscar Awards for Best Supporting
    Actress and Best Actress, respectively.


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