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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Watch an exclusive clip from the Billy Zane thriller The Believer
    Director Shan Serafin's The Believer was released earlier this
    month digitally (rent or buy on Amazon Video), and now
    ComingSoon.net has an exclusive clip to share from the thriller.

    Video Clip: (2mins 4secs)


    The Believer stars Aidan Bristow, Sophie Kargman and Billy Zane 
    (Titanic). The film, which Serafin also wrote, follows a
    struggling scientist named Lucas (Bristow) who seeks help from
    his therapist Dr. Benedict (Zane), after experiencing bizarre
    behavior from his wife Violet (Kargman). However, Lucas' mental
    condition worsens, and alternative therapy is recommended as he
    begins to experience strange events at home. Our exclusive clip
    sees a tense interaction between Lucas and Violet as the
    scientist confronts his wife about one of his discoveries.

    The official synopsis sums the film up as "The Believer is the
    story of an out-of-work scientist facing mental deterioration
    finds he may be battling his wife's obsession with demonic
    activity. Lucas is an out-of-work nuclear scientist, struggles
    with tension in his marriage after his wife Violet mysteriously
    terminates her pregnancy without his consent. As Lucas' physical
    health begins to inexplicably deteriorate, Violet's behavior
    grows increasingly bizarre and he seeks clarity from his
    therapist Dr. Benedict. Exhausted by his job search, strange
    events begin to occur in the home and his medical condition
    progressively declines. Benedict recommends they try an
    alternative therapy, but it only makes matters worse. Lucas
    questions Benedict's effectiveness as his grip on reality begins
    to fade. Violet's deceitful behavior arouses his ever-deepening
    suspicions, and after a visit from two mysterious guests, her
    insidious behavior becomes disturbingly pervasive. Lucas' anger
    and frustration turns to fear as Violet's sinister intentions
    are revealed. Lucas tries in vain to escape the evil web she has
    spun, but by the time he discovers the truth, it might be too


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