• [NEWS] "Furiosa" to start production in June ("Mad Max" spinoff prequel)

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    The title sounds more like an Italian remake of "Fast & Furious". ;-)

    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Furiosa: Mad Max prequel
    prepares for June production start in Australia
    In a recent press conference in New South Wales, Australia,
    Mad Max director George Miller officially announced production
    plans for Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road
    spinoff titled Furiosa. The prequel isset to start shooting
    in Australia this coming summer in June. According to state
    premier Glady Berejiklian, the project will become the
    "biggest film ever to be made in Australia," with the prequel
    to receive financial incentives from federal and state
    government in order to secure its production in the country.
    Miller also confirmed that they had already built cars and
    prepared stunts for the key action sequence that will be
    filming this year.

    "The support of the Federal and New South Wales Governments
    were pivotal. They made it possible for the film to be
    greenlit, shot in Australia and for the production to be
    based in our home state," Miller said in a statement (via

    In addition, during the same press conference, Miller also
    went on to reveal a new story detail about Furiosa,
    explaining that the project will be uniquely familiar to the
    fans of the franchise."Whereas Fury Road essentially
    happened over three days and two nights, this happens over
    many years. You try to make films that are 'uniquely
    familiar. This will be familiar to those people who know
    Mad Max, and in particularFury Road, but also it will be

    Furiosa is being described as a standalone story that will
    dive into the origins of the character previously portrayed
    by Charlize Theron (The Old Guard) before crossing paths
    with the eponymous antihero of the mothership franchise.
    The film will be led by Golden Globe winner Anya Taylor-Joy
    (The Queen's Gambit), Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Endgame),
    andYahya Abdul-Mateen II (Watchmen).

    The Mad Max prequel will again be written and directed by
    George Miller, who is co-producing the film along with
    Oscar-nominated producer Doug Mitchell.Miller's
    Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell banner is also
    attached to produce.

    The film is scheduled to make its debut in theaters on
    June 23, 2023.

    Mad Max: Fury Road, which opened in May of 2015,is the
    story of Max Rockatansky, played by Tom Hardy(Inception,
    The Dark Knight Rises). Within this world of fire and blood
    exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to
    restore order. There's Max (Hardy), a man of action and a
    man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the
    loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos
    and Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a woman of action and a
    woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if
    she can make it across the desert back to her childhood
    homeland. AMad Max prequel might show us her life in
    The Green Place before she started working for Immortan

    Even though the film had a poor box-office turnout with a
    worldwide gross of over $370 million, it was still a
    critical success, with critics praising its cinematography,
    production design and the performances of Hardy and Theron,
    who both had a difficult time during filming. It also won
    six Oscar awards out of 10 nominations, including Best
    Production Design, Best Film Editing and Best Costume


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    Your Name

    Furiosa: Mad Max prequel
    Who wants this movie? While I generally liked Mad Max 4,
    it was much of an actual Mad Max movie and now we’re going
    to get a Mad Max flick that doesn’t even include Mad Max?
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