• [NEWS] "Take Out Girl" trailer (true-life-inspired drama)

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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Take Out Girl trailer for true-life-inspired dramatic thriller
    After debuting to strong reviews at the American Black Film
    Festival and various other events, 1091 Pictures has unveiled
    the first trailer for the drama-thriller Take Out Girl 
    inspired by true events from the life of co-writer and star
    Hedy Wong. The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

    Trailer: (1min 36secs)

    Co-written by Wong and Indigenous director Hisonni Johnson
    (Grayson: Earth One), the story centers on Tera (Wong), a
    20-year-old Asian-American woman who parlays her family
    restaurant delivery expertise into a profitable drug hustle in
    order to help her immigrant mother's struggling business.

    "We put everything we had into crafting a universally
    relatable story without sacrificing the color of its roots,
    which is why we've maintained the Asian-American voice,
    experience, and authenticity," Wong and Johnson wrote in a
    statement. "In turbulent political times such as now, Take Out
    Girl manages to demystify the narrative of 'the other' and the
    divisive myth of 'the model minority,' which the media has
    historically utilized to pit minorities against one another.
    We hope that Take Out Girl makes a positive contribution to
    America's social climate by provoking healthy conversations
    regarding this country's varying cultural fabrics and our
    shared struggles. We truly believe that diversity is a source
    for strength, not division." 

    Alongside Wong, the cast for the film includes Ski Carr
    (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Blue Bloods), Lynna Yee (Fresh Off the
    Boat), J. Teddy Garces (Days of Our Lives, Zane's the Jump Off),
    Lorin Ly (Raskal Love, One Day), Dijon Talton (Glee, How to Get
    Away with Murder) and rapper $tupid Young in a cameo role.

    "I was blown away by Hedy's breakout performance when I screened 
    Take Out Girl at ABFF," Greg Maurice, Director of Content
    Acquisition at 1091 Pictures, said in a statement. "Her
    intensity and her grit combined with Hisonni's slick style of
    cinematography is a result of its success at many diverse
    festivals. Given we live in such a divisive time, it's always
    inspirational to see two people from different backgrounds like
    Hisonni and Hedy collaborating and incorporating an inclusive
    cast to create such amazing work."

    The film, which won Best Director at the American Black Film
    Festival, the Robert Rodriguez Indie Auteur Of The Year Award at
    Bare Bones Film Festival and The Raising Voices Award at
    DisOrient Film Festival, will hit digital platforms to rent or
    purchase on May 18!


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