• [NEWS] "Ape vs. Monster" trailer (parody, mockbuster)

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    Debut Ape vs. Monster Trailer Delivers Mockbuster Action
    The official Ape vs. Monster trailer has released early as
    it was originally set for a May 3 premiere on YouTube.

    Twitter account Kaiju News Outlet has our first look at
    the latest film from The Asylum that is clearly a
    mockbuster of Godzilla vs. Kong. As the trailer showcases,
    it's all about a giant confrontation between two giant
    monsters as Ape and Monster go at it. The official poster
    for the kaiju film says it is going to be "the greatest of
    all time!" so expectations are clearly high. No release
    date or synopsis has been announced just yet.

    Trailer: (1min 15secs)

    The Asylum is famous (or infamous depending on who you ask)
    for producing low-budget films that parody blockbusters.
    For its standards, the CGI in Ape vs. Monster looks
    shockingly good. The Asylum is also set to release Aquarium
    of the Dead, The Rebels of PT-218 and Insect later this
    year. The studio is best known for being behind the
    Sharknado series of films.

    The company has faced legal action over its films before,
    so hopefully Ape vs. Monster will actually see release.
    Its most recent legal issues came from its film Age of the
    Hobbits, which was forced to be renamed Lord of the Elves
    after receiving a restraining order from studios involved
    with The Hobbit.

    Ape vs. Monster is expected to release later this year,
    while Gozilla vs. Kong is out now.


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