• Ulisses (Italia/1954)

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    Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn.

    a) The Odyssey (2006) 24 continuous filmmakers of THE ODYSSEY24
    chapters for $10K/US

    b) Two (English based) television series -- The Odyssey (1997 and
    c) Two (European based) television series - Odysseus - Macht.
    Intrige. Mythos, Die Odyssee (1968 and 2013; French/Italian)

    Born within a year of one another, these are relatively old men, at
    least Kirk looks it, whereas Quinn almost appears pompadoured,
    actually being a placemat for minor scenes, among potentates and
    ill-conceived rivals to pretty Penelope, Ulisses' wife left alone with
    Doggie Quinn top among the hounds sniffing about her.

    Stranger territory to a vamped BigMac in the aforementioned 1997
    effort, as I'd looked at this foreign spin, although at first attempt
    utterly spoilt by some fat-assed, milk-shake drinking sop, sitting on
    a couch with a running English commentary spewed out his mouth,
    throughout the entirety over of the Italian dialogue. An initial
    insultingly short impression, in as many few scenes mistakenly impress
    to upon a wider elemental mythos, actually, given in 1997. But, for
    Italian, neither bad either, rather and however the hell Kirk got
    tossed for a feta salad.

    Thirty centuries and pre-history is kind of cute for excusable trash
    like this, rare, for all that's given a handful of attempts;- I've
    decided not to rate it for being in all that big of a hurry to bet
    your sweet butt on King Kong or Godzilla will last so long.

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