• [NEWS] "Kingpin" sequel in development (comedy)

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    Kingpin Sequel in Development by the Farrelly Brothers
    Peter and Bobby Farrelly are set to return to the lanes, as
    Collider is reporting that the pair are producing a sequel
    to their 1996 bowling comedy Kingpin.

    The film, which is reportedly in active development at
    Village Roadshow Pictures, has no information regarding the
    plot, setting, or time period, all of which are still said
    to be getting worked out. Because of this, it's unknown if
    the Farrelly Brothers will return to direct or have much of
    a hand in the making of the film, and because of the lack
    of a script, no cast is officially attached to the film as

    The original film became a bit of a cult classic, and
    starred Woodly Harrelson as Roy Munson, a bowling prodigy
    who gets tricked into joining a con job that leaves him with
    an injured hand for life. Years later, Munson stumbles upon
    Randy Quaid's Ishmael Boorg, an Amish bowling prodigy. From
    there, the duo strive to take Ishmael through the ranks of
    bowling greats, including bowling legend Big Era McCracken,
    who is played by legendary actor Bill Murray.

    While the original Kingpin had a huge cast of stars, it's
    unknown exactly if many will return. Harrelson and Murray
    have seen their stars soar since the 1996 film launched,
    while Quaid has rarely acted in recent years, so fans will
    have to wait a bit for more news.


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