• [NEWS] "Save Yourselves!" TV series in development (sci-fi comedy movie adpatation)

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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Save Yourselves! series adaptation in development
    from Universal TV & Keshet Studios
    Deadline brings word that Universal Television and Keshet
    Studios are developing a series adaptation of the sci-fi
    comedy movie Save Yourselves! as part of an extended
    first-look deal Keshet Studios inked with Universal TV.

    The film was written and directed by Alex Huston Fischer
    and Eleanor Wilson and had its world premiere at the 2020
    Sundance Film Festival. It follows the story of Jack and
    Su, a hip Brooklyn couple who, like many of their friends,
    find themselves dependent on technology and unable to put
    down their phones. Fearing their mindless scrolling may
    impact their connection with each other, they seize the
    chance to head to an isolated cabin in the woods, vowing
    to unplug from the outside world for a week. Sheltered
    from texts and push notifications, they are blissfully
    unaware that the planet is under attack. As strange events
    unfold, the couple must figure out a way back to
    civilization - or what's left of it.

    The movie was led by John Reynolds (Search Party, Stranger
    Things), and Sunita Mani (GLOW), and also featured Ben
    Sinclair, John Early, Jo Firestone, Gary Richardson, 
    Johanna Day, Zenobia Shroff, and Amy Sedaris.

    Universal Television President Erin Underhill said, "We've
    had an incredibly fruitful relationship with Keshet
    Studios since 2014 and are excited to continue our
    collaboration. They have a keen eye for distinct and
    commercial material and terrific talent relationships, and
    we look forward to creating emotionally resonant and
    successful projects together in the years ahead."

    Peter Traugott, President of Keshet Studios, added, "We are
    thrilled to be extending our formal programming partnership
    for a third time with UTV. Pearlena, Erin and the entire
    Universal team have been the perfect creative and
    collaborative partner right from the get- go. Together we
    have brought some fantastic adaptations of Israeli shows,
    shows from all over the world and original ideas to screen.
    It's exciting to be busy working on a slate of projects for
    a variety of networks and streamers, including The A Word,
    Ties That Bind and La Brea for NBC."

    The extension of the deal between Keshet Studios and
    Universal TV also comes as they are in development with two
    new projects at NBC, including The A Word, written by Arika
    Mittman (Paradise Lost), and Ties That Bind, written by
    Deirdre Shaw (Bluff City Law). The companies are also
    currently producing La Brea from David Applebaum for NBC.


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    Save Yourselves! series adaptation in development
    from Universal TV & Keshet Studios

    Too many young people and their petty concerns. Forced diversity. Main character reminiscent of Meathead from "All in the Family".

    I'm out.

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