• All the Mornings of the World (Fr/17th. c.)

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    Tous les Matins du Monde

    Not a David Bowie songtitle, this is an ambitious affair pitted to
    pith from vagaries of music, within measure no less equal to a
    theatric transition with allusions to the court of Louis XIV.
    Competent, the starkness is one of notable appreciation among a few
    films stylistically true, an English Kubrick or Polanski similarly
    might conjure, although, being essentially of musical aether, it is
    unlikely of resonant accessibility among the former titles to apes.

    Still, lacking all else, there's Gérard Depardieu, least an
    insignificant rôle for perhaps half if more of the film length, among qualified French names to fall back upon. The device whereby style is
    most seminal, than a subject of the plot, however, is in a filmatic
    curtsy, as it were, differentially to the simple storyteller, foremost
    for Gérard to engage a tradition of music, his own, however
    ingeniously to a setting and periodicity, summarily as one passed
    along within family tradition;-- Calling for the room to be darkened,
    the hall occupied court musicians awaits its master, who then proceeds
    to explain himself: As one from whom once made shoes, his father,
    whereupon he came to walk out.
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