• [NEWS] Pixar SparkShorts directors in free Virtual PreVIEW Talk

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    From Variety.com ...

    Pixar SparkShorts Directors to Discuss 'Burrow,' 'Out,'
    'Float,' 'Loop' and 'Wind' in Free Virtual PreVIEW Talk
    Filmmakers behind Pixar's SparkShorts "Burrow," "Out,"
    "Float," "Loop" and "Wind" will discuss their work in a
    free online PreVIEW talk presented by the VIEW Conference,
    beginning at 10 a.m. PT on Friday, Feb. 26. "Burrow" and
    "Out" are on the Academy's shortlist for Oscar nominations.

    The SparkShorts program was begun by Pixar in 2019 as a way
    for the studio's staff to work on personal projects with
    limited studio oversight while exploring unique story ideas
    and storytelling techniques and testing new workflows.

    "The Pixar SparkShorts program has already proven itself to
    be an inspiring way to nurture talent," says VIEW Conference
    director Maria Elena Gutierrez. "I am thrilled that these
    five talented directors will be joining us at our special
    VIEW Conference PreVIEW event to talk about their work and
    offer further inspiration to aspiring artists and
    professionals alike."

    Madeline Sharafian, story lead on Disney-Pixar's "Onward"
    and storyboard artist on "Coco," directed the 2D "Burrow,"
    which tells the story of a young rabbit overcoming an array
    of obstacles while building her dream underground home.

    "Out," directed by Stephen Clay Hunter, follows Greg, who is
    struggling to tell his parents important news and gets some
    help from his excitable dog. Hunter is an animator and
    animation supervisor who has worked on a number of Pixar
    films, including "A Bug's Life," "Finding Nemo" and
    "Toy Story 4."

    Bobby Alcid Rubio directed "Float," the story of a father who
    learns to deal with his young son's special ability. Rubio
    has been a story artist at Pixar since 2007, and before that
    was a comic book artist and also worked on Disney animated
    features such as "Pocahantas," "Hercules" and "Mulan."

    "Loop," directed by Erica Milsom, follows a talkative boy and
    a non-verbal autistic girl as they learn to communicate with
    each other. Milsom is a documentary filmmaker who worked on
    behind-the-scenes stories for such Pixar films as
    "Ratatouille," "Up" and "Inside Out." She's also known for
    her independent films, including "So Much Yellow."

    Edwin Chang directed "Wind," about a grandmother and grandson
    looking for a way out of the chasm where they live in search
    of a better life. Chang, who started at Pixar in 2005 as a
    global technology intern, is a simulation artist and
    supervisor working on such films as "Up," "Inside Out" and
    current hit "Soul."

    PreVIEW events are being planned for each month of the year
    leading up to the VIEW Conference, which will begin on
    Oct. 17. To register for this free event, visit the VIEW
    Conference website.

    The VIEW Conference is held in Turin, Italy, each fall,
    bringing together an array of top professionals in computer
    graphics, interactive and immersive media, animation, visual
    effects, games, virtual reality and much more. The conference
    is set to take place Oct. 17 through Oct. 22, both virtually
    and in-person at the OGR venue in Turin.


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