Uploaded Sun Sep 08 2019 05:18 pm

Text Editor With Encryption

Crypto Notepad is a Notepad-like text editor that offers all the standard features of Notepad with the added benefit of file encryption.
The program allows you to create secure notes using customizable AES algorithms, able to customize different parameters of the encryption, such as: hash algorithm, key size, password iterations. Simply create a note or open an existing .txt file and click a button to save it as password protected .cnp file.
Crypto Notepad supports drag and drop (3,396K)

Uploaded Sun Sep 08 2019 05:40 pm

Free Excel Viewer enables you to view and edit Excel files (XLS/XLSX) without the need to have MS Office and Excel installed.
In addition to Excel files, the program also supports other popular table formats, such as ODS, CSV and XML.
You can view and edit the data tables and optionally export the content to PDF, HTML, ODS, XPS, SVG and XML format.
flvgr.exe (31,909K)

Uploaded Tue Dec 31 2019 09:28 am

12/31/19 A powerful file management tool. Windows 32bit

mpc.exe (6,484K)

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12/31/19 New Media Player that does it all (1,975K)

Uploaded Sun Sep 08 2019 05:04 pm

W10Privacy enables you to modify various settings in Windows 10 that have raised privacy concerns with many users. Although these settings/features can be turned of and off from within Windows, they are not easy to locate and manualy adjustments can be time consuming.
W10Privacy provides you with a tabbed interface that makes it easy to adjust these settings or turn questionable features on and off. The program indicates with options can be tweaked without side effects and which you should be careful with.